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– Minimum $1,000.00 per deposit.
– Maximum $250,000 per deposit.
– 5 day processing hold per deposit.
– Credit Card deposits incur 3% service fee per transaction.
– Check or Money Order deposits incur no fee.
– Personal payout for you: 36% per year (monthly earning payout 3% every 30 days).
– Company Profit Plan payout: 12% per year (monthly earning payout 1% every 30 days).
– MicroLoan Term is 12 months.
– Withdraw any amount of % monthly interest, anytime, with NO FEES.
– Withdraw any amount of Principal after 12 months with NO FEES.
– Early Principal withdrawal (before 12 months) incurs a 5% fee.
– All withdrawals are processed 10 days upon request.
– Withdrawals will be deposited to your wallet.

CO-OP MicroLoan paying 36% per year Plus..

Profit Sharing…

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.Profit Sharing, and Co-Op Micro-Loans

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Videos 6 and 7

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