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The truth. I know this is not a fancy, mind blowing, drag you in website but, I only recommend what I have tried for an extended period. I have had a membership with Beyond Infinity for over a year. They have always been upfront and on the Apr 26 webinar, they announced the delivery of the first vehicle to a member. I should receive my vehicle in June or July. I can only relay the information that I have and what I have experienced. You decide!

The first two new cars were delivered on May 1. There are 7 being delivered in June. You need a membership to login. Details within Beyond Infinity website. I will contact you after you join for free.

Delivery video of new car

it is important that you join the Beyond Infinity Telegram group. You have to help yourself.

I will pay for the first 3 that join, do their 2faa and join the telegram group. Your sponsor stevewish. There were 2 PIF’s positions left as of June 6th,2024

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Thank you for considering joining Beyond Infinity . As mentioned above, first new cars have been received by members. I will receive mine within a month or two. I will provide photos. Exciting news on the way. Now is the time to consider joining Beyond Infinity. This has never been done before. NEVER!!

Receive A Brand New Car When You Contribute To Our Marketing Campaign!

When a contribution is made, it is non-refundable and is not-withdrawable. As a “Thank You,” the company will place the amount of your contribution, as a deposit figure, to your BIG account, with 80% of that deposit figure going into your BIG Balance, allowing you to earn more from your BIG account.

Also, as a “Thank You,” the company will give you a brand new car valued at 100 times the amount of your contribution. This is your Reward Cap.

For example, if your contribution is $500, your Reward Cap is 100 times that amount or $50,000. This Reward Cap should cover the purchase price of your vehicle, plus taxes on the vehicle at the time of purchase, title, fees, and any dealership customizations. Any costs over your Reward Cap are the responsibility of the member. Please Note: The member will be responsible for any personal taxes that result from receiving this vehicle. And the company does not issue any reporting documents.

Beyond Infinity is Making History!

Information on car offering below
Info below about Car offering

WHO DO YOU KNOW? YOU might not need this but, WHO DO YOU KNOW that could use a PASSIVE INCOME of $200,000 or more in the next 6 years from a ONE-TIME COST of $50? What could you do with a PASSIVE INCOME of $200,000? * Pay off HUGE student debt? (The Federal student loan forgiveness program has a 99% rejection rate!)) * College fund for your children, grandchildren? (Start in high school and their college tuition is paid for!) * Help pay off a mortgage or help buy a new home? * Supplement YOUR retirement? Your parents’ or grandparents’? (The Government is talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare. I hope not, but who knows?) * Travel? Vacations? New car? * Better standard of living? What is YOUR PLAN for getting a PASSIVE INCOME of $200,000 or more in the next 6 years? HERE IS MY PLAN: ➔ (Beyond Infinity ) Click on VIDEOS at the top of the website.

Brand New Car Offering..

Q. How can Beyond Infinity afford to give every contributor a brand-new car ? A. When Beyond Infinity started back in November,2022 we intentionally created new accounts for investing our profits. We have several private investment accounts. This is how we can share our profits with our paid members in BIG.

We are not investing for our members, we are investing for ourselves and are merely sharing our profits with our paid members.

With the BIG Auto Club, when you make a contribution to our marketing campaign, we are crediting your BIG account with the same amount that you contributed so that it can go to work for you, earning you more in profit share earnings. And since your contribution to our marketing campaign becomes the property of Beyond Infinity, we are using those funds to pay for our on-going marketing efforts, as well as utilizing any excess amounts as investments into our private accounts. This is how we can afford to purchase brand new cars for our marketing campaign contributors. By combining the contributions, and investing the excess, in larger amounts, our profits are even greater

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