A Strategy

Those are the two businesses which I will be promoting in 2020.

Do not join if you do not have patience to wait. They will be successful in their time.

1 GoFounders/OnPassive,,, Founders positions are available at $97.00US

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2 Gold Mailer Club...May be in BETA by end of 2019.Imp: Please use Register/Login button before proceeding.

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GoldMailer.club is still, just about, on target for  moving to the new site which offers much more than the GoldMailer.club. It is not a complete change it is enhancement and evolution.

It will offer….
 *greater opportunity to combat poverty
 *Improved security
 *massive passive incomes
 *even greater residual income – I truly believe that this aspect alone will create many millionaires in a very simple AND EASY way

The initial launch will be in Beta to help us find any bugs (there always seem to be some) we may have missed in out tests and will be a roll out of just Phase 1 which will allow income to be generated by the simplest of tasks.

Coming phases will include our Mall, Customer and Affiliate platforms, Diffferent forms of advertising including Banners, Text, Log in ads, Full page displays, Solo ads and VIDEO ads.

All will be monetised for affiliate benefits making it the best platform available for anyone to generate income be it tens of $$ a month or millions. The only limit will be in YOUR desire!

Nothing will require special skills or exclude anyone for any reason and we will constantly strive to improve all elements and never be satisfied.

We will be changing the name of the Ambassadors to Founders and find additional ways to reward them; there are still places available. Grab as many as you can now and hang onto your seats for the ride of your life!

Our Founders are so important to everything we have done so far and we will do in the future and will be rewarded in many ways for their faith and belief in what we are doing.

“Trust in God and destroy fear, which paralyses all efforts to succeed and attracts the very thing you fear” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda – spititual Guru and Indian saint.

The WeShareAbundance.com platform is built from the ground up with the best Developers money can buy and runs into thousands of dollars a month in expense. What you are getting is not some “Off the shelf app”, this is purpose built to ensure YOUR success.

This page will be updated as more info becomes available.

Steve Wiscombe