We Share Abundance..

News Flash from Owner of .. Gold Mailer Club.. Launch. ..March 1 or earlier

Updates: From Graham (The Owner) If not available, Graham may be working on website for the change-over.

We are working ceaselessly to get www.weshareabundance.com launched in Phase 1 Beta…

When this happens it will mean that YOU and anyone anywhere will be able to generate income on a daily basis…

Not just income but a real profit and….

As we introduce more phases that ability will only increase.

Add to that the fact that the plan we have in place for SAWWP Tokens will see them rise in valueconsistantly and you will start to understand just how powerful this is!

But, www.weshareabundance.com is much more than a business opportunity; it is a community of people wanting to share love and abundance creating true everlasting happiness that can not be found in wealth alone.

In fact the Wealth you will achieve, although at the start may seem to be important, will soon pale into insignificance when compared to the Peace, Hope, Harmony, Health, Happiness and Love you will enjoy.

Join www.goldmailer.club now and start building your team before the real rush starts.

Based on members referring the average of just 3 people each (I believe we will do much better than that because we are free guaranteed profit) every person you introduce, even if free, has the potential to earn you $40 a month as they move to Elite membership.

This is on top of all the other benefits and income you will receive, and is completely in YOUR control.

My dream of bringing to fruition a system that will allow anyone, anywhere, to make money is about to be released…

It is important that you prepare yourself for the change and so I will be creating a news page on GoldMailer.club (GMC) 

This will, hopefully, answer any questions you may have and make clear how the move from GMC to We Sharendance. will happen.

1. Existing GMC members will automatically be transferred to the WSA ste with the exact same log in credentials.

2. Existing active paid members will receive a surprise bonus in their WSA US$ Wallet which will ensure they are in profit from their support of GMC in the past…

3. In addition any people who were involved in the “Program 10” or are “the Magnificent 7”(If you don’t know what Program 10 was, or who are “the Magnificent 7” you will not be affected and can ignore this item) will be happy to see their US$ Wallets. If you were in Program 10 it is essential that you join WSA/GM to receive benefits and I will be adding a form in the Program 10 Facebook Group.

The above 2 paragraphs will happen within 30 days of launch!

All that is required to make money from WSA is an Internet connection that allows access to websites and less than 5 minutes a day in time committment.

WSA is designed to assist those who need a small boost in income such as many inhabitants of 3rd world countries, BUT….

it will also allow any ambitious person to create a massive and truly recurring income.

You can not yet register directly in WSA but should become a member in GMC right away and start promoting your affiliate link, which is found in the members area by selecting “downline” from the dropdown menu.

Upgrading now will also prove beneficial (see 2. above) and this is done from selecting “eWallet” from the same menu.

Exciting times ahead for you and the whole world!

My aim is to help you make 2020 your best year ever”....Graham

Believe it or not I’ve been planning this for almost 10 years and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars along the way…

I am still investing in this every month with the following mission….

“To build a community of like minded individuals who seek more than just financial gains. A community built around service to others, and in doing this, create a sustainable business helping over 5,000,000 members find Hope and Extra Income. This in turn will generate additional corporate income to be used for charitable work focused on curing causes of suffering rather than treating the symptoms.”

Some of these charitable works will include, taking orphans each year to Disneyland; bringing clean water to those in need; creating agriculture where there is famine; planting trees as a part of that agriculture; and much, much more!

You can be a part of ALL this starting by building your own personal wealth through a complete system that will show you how to take $ZERO and leverage it into over $5,000 A MONTH PASSIVE INCOME.


This is just the start, the only limits will be those you set yourself but, more than the financial reward you will be a part of a thriving and prosperous community with a true and valuable purpose in life, “sharing abundance worldwide.”

all starts here and you will see pages being added on a daily basis providing you with more value and VERY SOON the launch of PHASE 1 in www.weshareabundance.com, which is an integral part of the Its FREE System.

Click here To Visit GoldMailer

GoldMailer.club is still, just about, on target for  moving to We Share Abundance, the new site, which offers much more than the GoldMailer.club. It is not a complete change it is enhancement and evolution.

Update: . From The Ownwe…WeShareAbundance WILL launch Phase 1 in January and will grow fast; I predict over 100,000 members in 3 months, probably 1,000,000 in about a year, and we are targeting 5,000,000 in 2 years. It will allow anyone anywhere to generate an income online even if starting with, NO EXPERIENCE, NO CAPITAL, NO KNOWLEDGE.
   It also offers a great opportunity to become a FOUNDER for just a $250 one time investment, guaranteeing a minimum 100% PASSIVE return of $225 a month when we have just 45,000 members, $500 a month with 100,000 members, $5,000 a month with 1,000,000 members and $25,000 a month when we reach 5,000,000 members. I truly believe that this is the best opportunity available anywhere!
   Join now on the old site and be automatically transferred to the new once we launch….
   It will offer….
 *greater opportunity to combat poverty
 *Improved security
 *massive passive incomes
 *even greater residual income – I truly believe that this aspect alone will create many millionaires in a very simple AND EASY way

The initial launch will be in Beta to help us find any bugs (there always seem to be some) we may have missed in out tests and will be a roll out of just Phase 1 which will allow income to be generated by the simplest of tasks.

Coming phases will include our Mall, Customer and Affiliate platforms, Diffferent forms of advertising including Banners, Text, Log in ads, Full page displays, Solo ads and VIDEO ads.

All will be monetised for affiliate benefits making it the best platform available for anyone to generate income be it tens of $$ a month or millions. The only limit will be in YOUR desire!

Nothing will require special skills or exclude anyone for any reason and we will constantly strive to improve all elements and never be satisfied.

We will be changing the name of the Ambassadors to Founders and find additional ways to reward them; there are still places available. Grab as many as you can now and hang onto your seats for the ride of your life!

Our Founders are so important to everything we have done so far and we will do in the future and will be rewarded in many ways for their faith and belief in what we are doing.

“Trust in God and destroy fear, which paralyses all efforts to succeed and attracts the very thing you fear” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda – spititual Guru and Indian saint.

The WeShareAbundance.com platform is built from the ground up with the best Developers money can buy and runs into thousands of dollars a month in expense. What you are getting is not some “Off the shelf app”, this is purpose built to ensure YOUR success.

This page will be updated as more info becomes available.

Steve Wiscombe

A Founder with 5 positions


GoFounders/OnPassive…. This is BIG and will Be Gigantic. An out of this world but made for this world Opportunity and we can be part of it. Simply Amazing.