The Ultimate Adventure

This is YOUR opportunity to be a part of 3 major Billion Dollar industries combined!

  • • The Social Influencer Industry of $21 B
  • • The Reality TV industry of $1.8 B
  • • The Direct Sales Industry of $36B

Treasure Island is a Reality TV show that will place 16 Social Influencers in Las Vegas (season one) as they compete in challenges both physical and mental for $500,000.

Treasure Island will host 16 Social Influencers whose following will be from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Combined, our Influencers will directly impact over 85 million+ followers. However, in time, we expect Treasure Island to reach 100’s of millions of viewers worldwide.

For a one-time loan (minimum $500 and no maximum) you can benefit from up to 30 passive income streams, and earn a minimum 50% return on your money in 12 months. The Treasure Island TV show and the Cast of 16 Social Influencers will promote 10 product sponsors per season (3 seasons in 2024) and now YOU have an opportunity to capitalize on their massive following. Imagine having 85,000,000 + people seeing and buying products that you’ll earn a commission from!

  • – No recruiting (if you don’t want to)
  • – No selling (The TV show and our Cast will sell for you)
  • – No Compensation plans to learn
  • – No products to learn

This is the ultimate passive residual income that will pay you for years to come.

When you join Treasure Island and loan a minimum of $500 usd we’ll ensure you earn a minimum of 150% in commissions your first year.

This is a very limited opportunity! The quicker you join, the more compensation you’ll earn. What are you waiting for? GRAB YOUR SPOT TODAY