My Story

I have been working online since 2006 and have used three or four web hosting services. Recently, I switched a couple of my sites to Wealthy Affiliate. They are using  The WordPress platform. I was a little hesitant to switch, however; I had been a member of Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago but cancelled my membership because of illness in our immediate family. Our daughter and her husband had twin boys that were born at 26 weeks. Because they were preemies there were a number of medical issues with one of the boys. My wife and I spent seven years helping to care for them.

They are now nine years old. Spencer, who had been on oxygen for over five years and has Pulmonary Hypertension was taken off a medical treatment that he had been on for over eight years. The doctors said his heart is now almost the same size as a normal eight year old. He is still taking an oral medicine for his lungs. You gotta be thankful.

Sorry for getting off track but I wanted to let you know why I did not continue my membership.

You can get a Free Starter Membership. The banner link will take you to the sign up page.

The following banner will let you see the difference between the starter package and the premium. Only you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate University is suitable for you as you begin or continue your online journey. Blessings.

This is my other Wealthy Affiliate WordPress site.

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