The Wealth Team International Association

I joined the WTIA (Wealth Team International Association) because an online friend sent me an e-mail and asked if I would take a look at it. Now, if you’re like me, I try to check reviews and find out as much as I can about an opportunity that’s presented to me. That’s my due diligence. Having worked online for over ten years and having been snake bitten too many times i have learned to be cautious in my online adventures.

WTIA has flown underneath the radar. It has been online since 1992 and is administered by Rick Matthews. Now, as mentioned, I have been working online for over ten years and I have no recollection of seeing anything on WTIA. According to one of Rick’s YouTube videos he has “over 25 Years of helping others achieve SUCCESS In over 190 Countries!” This is a  link to one of the promotional videos which will give you an idea of what WTIA’s mission is and opportunity info.

To be honest, I debated for a few days before I joined this program. The new WTIA 2.0 is in BETA. My decision to join was based on the info I received from the videos, the compensation plan, Rick’s bio and the fact that The Orcutt’s are my upline. Marty and Christina Orcutt have a long history of working online and have built a mailing list of thousands. Happy to have them as my upline.

The advantage of having a strong upline is beneficial because they give away sponsorships. Apparently, this can be a passive opportunity, however; as you study the compensation plan, you will recognize the advantage of referring members.   Should you have any interest in WTIA I would suggest that you listen to the videos. The information contained within the videos should enable you to make a decision whether to become a member. There are other promotional and information videos on youtube. Check out videos by John Kietec.

The following blurb was taken from the WITA website. The mission is to  “Generate Immediate and Increasing Residual Revenue For Both Themselves and There Heirs Going Forward!.”

This is important: The  website is still in beta. Basically, beta means that the website is an unfinished version of the website, for those who are not familiar with this term.

The cost to join is a one time $99.00US. This is an annual membership fee.

Here is my WTIA Link. Click here


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