One of the first things I do, before considering buying from, becoming an affiliate or accessing a new website, is to check it out on scamadvisor. This is not an affiliate site.



It’s a free website where you can check out a website to see who the owner is and whether it’s suspicious.

Go to SCAMADVISOR here and check out . That’s one of my domains that links to Wealthy Affiliate. Copy and paste into the website check..

You can do this for any site.

Hope this is helpful


Note: I had been promoting a well advertised leads site but I had questions and checked scamadvisor. The site had a very low trust rating. Stopped promoting the site even though the commission was good. Ethics and trust is more important to me..

My recommendation for anybody trying to build a website and monetize the site is Wealthy Affiliate

If you are:

Looking to work from home

Disabled and cannot work outside your home



Wanting to get away from a nine to fiver

You want to build an online business.

Note: Don’t allow yourself to get side tracked..Take Premium if you can.



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