Safelists Mailers

The following is a list  of safelists and mailers that I use and recommend. My purpose is to create a list of reputable safelist providers and mailers that I can use and recommend to my readers.  Check login special offers.




List Avail

Supercharged Solo Ads

Top Tier Mailer

 The response to your e mails is subject to a number of things. Your subject, the  email content, what you are promoting and the list that you are sending to.


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Supercharged Solo Ads guarantees over 1000 clicks to your site,on your solo ads, per e mail,



Traffic can be found in many different places

but can be confusing. Click on photo to see more photos.



Me and one of our grandsons. He is one of a twin.

They were born pre-mature at 26 weeks. This is an older

photo. They are now nine years old. It had been a difficult

first seven years for his brother.