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This is a link to my GDI Team Elite blog page if you would like to join our team build.


You can build a Blog/Website on the GDI Word Press platform as part of your Team Build. This is beneficial because your referrals will have a reason to stay and build the team as well it is proof that you are serious about building your team.

My story
I liked GDI,; however I was having no success. I did try a few team builds but the support was negligible. A few weeks ago I saw an ad for GDI Team Elite.

I decided to give their team build a try..Thankfully, my sponsor is a fantastic leader mentor.

I realize It takes time and commitment to build an online business. It’s a little easier being part of a team build; however you need a reputable product and a committed team leader/mentor. We have it!

By joining GDI TEAM ELITE…..You will Get:

6 Paid Members in Your Downline

FREE Team Leadership Training

Active, Knowledgeable Sponsors

FREE Collective Advertising System

Our team works together to build downlines for each and every member !

The link, below, will take you to my GDI Blog/Website which is being built on the GDI Word Press platform. The cost is $10.00 a month. You will find the link to GDI Team Elite on my blog/website.

Steve Wiscombe
Please feel free to e mail me if you need more info.
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