How To Build My Own Site

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Most of us want to know how to build our own site,without knowing html and also being able to work at our own pace and time.I have built a number of websites over the past ten years and my knowledge of html is limited, well truthfully it's pretty well nil.

The first time I attempted to build a website was with one of those web hosts who gave you a couple of free pages with a sub-domain using their domain. To be truthful, I was frustrated because it was not my own site on my own domain. I discovered a company called Bizland and through a lot of trial and error I built a couple of sites that were of interest to me. There was very little traffic and I didn’t have a clue how to get traffic to the site.

I tried traffic exchanges which was a total waste of time. I bought PPC traffic, which brought some traffic but I didn’t know hot to monetize the site. A couple of years ago, I tried two different hosting companies.

They are SiteSell and Wealthy Affiliate. If you operate a small business, then I would recommend SiteSell. For a niche market or a blog Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a brief outline of How  Wealthy Affiliate works.  Wealthy Affiliate is far different then most internet marketing companies. I guess you could call it an extremely large community of entrepreneurs  who are there to help each other make money.

The following chart will give you a visual of the two programs that they offer. The Starter is Free. You can sign up for the Starter program and you will have seven days with live support. You can click anywhere on the chart to go to the sign up page. Note: this is not a hard sell. If it were I would not be promoting it. It sells itself.   You can scan down to find info on Site Sell or click here to visit the site. Legitimate programs that have been online for years and have a proven satisfactory rating amongst their members.

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